Therapeutic Goods Administration report shows COVID-19 vaccine has killed 210 Australians

Prominent business leader Clive Palmer has called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to stop the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine following the most recent Therapeutic Goods Administration report which showed the treatment was responsible for the deaths of 210 Australians and more than 22,000 adverse reactions.

“The most recent TGA report ( confirms that in Australia we have had 210 deaths which means 210 families are waking up without loved ones as a result of the rollout,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“If these figures were modelled out it would show the real extent of how damaging the vaccine is. The truth is once the vaccine is in your system it’s there for life.

“Animal testing on the vaccine was stopped because it resulted in 50% death rates, a figure which has been confirmed by the US Centres for Disease Control.

“It should be concerning for all Australians that we don’t have the required one, three or five-year safety data for the use of this vaccine on humans or animals, and there has been no testing on pregnant women,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The most appalling issue about the vaccine is that there is no scientific testing that ensures you can’t get COVID or that you can’t pass it on.”

Mr Palmer said the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer should be extremely concerned about deaths resulting from the vaccine.

“The Federal Opposition Anthony Albanese needs to look at the most recent TGA report and question his Catholic beliefs. In his role as opposition leader, he needs to examine his moral compass on this issue,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Federal Government needs to stop wasting tax payer funds on advertising this vaccine which is causing deaths. It’s the regulators that need to regulate and examine the truth about the vaccine and not promote it.

“Today I will be discussing with my legal team what we can do to stop the Government’s roll out of the vaccine,’’ Mr Palmer said.