Palmer presents facts in QN case

The motivation for the liquidators to recover Queensland Nickel money was to gorge themselves on fees, Clive Palmer said today.

“The facts are that the liquidators proceeded to court on behalf of Queensland Nickel.

“The liquidators said claims were in order of $500 million. The fact of the matter is that all payments to creditors is less than $100 million.”

Mr Palmer said the liquidators were irresponsible in making such outlandish statements.

“The Special Purpose Liquidator’s (SPL) outcome for the plaintiff, Queensland Nickel, is zero dollars. The SPL didn’t receive any costs and all claims against me have been withdrawn,’’ he said.

Clive Palmer himself decided to pay creditors directly 100% of amounts owed, therefore the General Purpose Liquidator (GPL) receives nothing.

Mr Palmer said the liquidators need to be brought to account.

“They are disruptive to the business community and they seek to destroy any chance of survival for a business so they can get their fees first,’’ he said.

Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Special Purpose Liquidator (SPL) has withdrawn all claims made against Mr Palmer and all defendants and released him and his companies of any wrongdoing.

“The GPL has never had a claim against me, therefore what we continue to read in The Australian is rubbish.

“I have given instruction for my lawyers to take action against The Australian for the continued lies about me and my family. They will have their day in court soon.

“The facts are clear that the Queensland economy has suffered because the Labor Party has been too weak to lead and assist in this matter.

“The Queensland people will make Labor accountable for its actions at the next state election and as the richest man in Queensland I’ll be doing everything in my power to make sure they are history,’’ Mr Palmer said.